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Not all GAP protection is the same

Since the very first auto insurance policy, many drivers have learned the hard way that a standard auto insurance policy may not provide all the financial protection they need.

Here's why: When the value of a vehicle is less than the balance of the loan, this is described as being "upside-down" on the loan.

That difference - "GAP" isn't covered by your regular insurance. But a special kind of protection called "GAP protection" may help to cover the difference.

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Highlights of AUL GAP include

• Coverage up to 84 months for automobiles, light trucks and vans.

• Coverage up to 125% or up to 150% of the MSRP/NADA value for automobiles, light trucks and vans.

• An online claim's portal that makes it easy to open new claims, sign-up for status updates and facilitates quicker processing of potential claim benefits.

Backed by an A.M. Best A-Rated carrier.


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