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AUL has been such a wonderful company to have an extended vehicle warranty with. The timely dispatching of adjusters to review claims, is exceptional. I never had an issue or a denied claim, from my previous policy of a 2007 Acura RL. AUL was the first company that came to mind when I purchased my newer vehicle, and needed and extended warranty. I would not have contacted any other place.
Shannon Denise

Just wanted to share my positive money saving experience with Leo @ AUL I had my engine light come on, and figured our local shop that handles emissions testing for our state would be reputable for the repair. After 2 days of my car sitting in the shop and finally a $1,000 quote on a new solenoid and some accompanying parts I asked to use my AUL Warranty for help paying for the repair. After talking with the shop owner, Leo (AUL Associate) contacted me and made a judgment call on the quote & repair suggested. She said she'd assist in moving my vehicle to another facility, and I decided to use another mechanic. After observing the computer code, my mechanic said it was a simple $250 Sensor and the car would pass emissions without a problem and the car should run like new. I paid cash and saved over $750 and having to use the warranty for the Sensor towards my allotted repair amount given by AUL My wife and I are VERY happy with the service given by AUL, and the level of service from beginning to end has been seamless. I would recommend buying an Extended Warranty for any used car. They save money and bottom line, keep me on the road without having to dish out loads of cash to repair Facilities. Thank you for your expertise and service Leo! My wife is shopping a new warranty for her car and I thought of AUL 1st..
Glen Landgren
Plantsville, Connecticut

AUL is great to do business with…always in pursuit of excellence, supporting with overwhelming care, extending generosity and sustains a positive attitude throughout the company.
Jacob Bangert
Benchmark Dealer Services

I have been an agent with AUL for ten plus years. My agency does business in a number of states primarily with franchise dealers. AUL has been a very good fit for my agency and they provide excellent claims service, reporting and communication on all levels. They have the best product hands down for older and high mileage vehicles along with a full line of products. Everyone in the company has a passion and commitment to provide excellent customer service to customers, dealers and agents. These qualities are very rare in a company and they excel at them. This is a great quality company to do business with and I am proud to represent them. Innovative Dealer Services Inc.
David Sapin, President
Innovative Dealer Services Inc.

AUL is like home…we feel part of the family…and they take care of our customers the same. They always do the right thing.
Dave Griffiths
Profit Concepts

The team at AUL has proven to be a great partner to my agency for almost 10 years and a major part of our continued success. There are no surprises from AUL as they always do what they say they are going to do, which is to provide the best service contract and claims support in the industry.
Phil McLaughlin
Midwest Dealer Support, Inc.

For 25 years AUL for me has been a matter of trust every time I pick up the phone and speak with any employee no matter what department…I know my situation will be handled quickly and correctly.
William Ainscow

It is great doing business with AUL… affordable coverage, with great service support, and they pay claims.
Jim Willis
Preferred Funding LLC

I just wanted to let you know that AUL is awesome! I bought 20,004 nissan Titan and purchased a service contract from you never expecting to use it and never getting one before. I've had my vehicle for one year now and have already had to use my service contract 3 times for different things. There has not once been a time when there was a problem with contacting you or getting the claims taken care of immediately. For that I want to truly thank you and let you know that it is appreciated greatly. AUL has taken the stress out of worrying about a breakdown keep up the good work!!!
Ryan H.

Just wanted to say Thank You! We purchased the warranty when we purchased a used Altima for our 17 year old daughter. Last week we heard a sound and scheduled an appt. at our local dealer. She took the car in today at 8 and by 2 the car was repaired. I was dreading the hassle of dealing with a warranty company, I was very pleasantly surprised to find out, there would be no hassle at all. Preparing for graduation and college 3 hours get it. Thank you!
J. Basden

I wanted to write a testimonial for what a great extended warranty company you are! I usually don't buy extended warranties but in my last case of an older luxury car, the dealership thought it would be a good idea and said you were one of the best around that they'd ever heard of and so I bought it. Within a few months of owning my car, major engine work needed to be repaired. I was devastated and wondered how much I'd be paying for work that had most of my engine taken out of the car and at the shop for about 10 days. My luck has always been terrible. I also know a lot of companies then tell you that "that" part isn't covered. To my surprise you covered almost the entire job and replaced most of my costs for a rental car! You guys are awesome! So unexpected! My luck is changing! I tell everyone how great you are for a warranty plan! I love you people!
Rose S.

Thank you! I never thought I would need to use my extended warranty...but when I did it was well worth the price! No hassle or haggle, my transmission was replaced and even had a rental while my car was in the shop!
Myra C.

My name is Amy Kory and I work at Taylor Hyundai in Perrysburg, OH. Our Rep, Dave Sapin, has introduced us to a great product and has provided us with EXCELLENT service and is always available for help. I have been dealing with AUL for over 8 years, without any interruption. Our service Department loves dealing with AUL because the claims are fast and easy to submit and get paid. Our customers see value in the "warranty remaining" option, it helps us sell more warranties on our used cars with low miles and it just makes sense! AUL is a top notch company and offers great service and an awesome warranty with competitive pricing!
Amy Kory
Taylor Hyundai

AUL is a true partner of our company. They provide a great service contract for our customers and first class service to us. No matter what my question is the answer is always yes. I look forward to many more years of offering AUL products to our customers. Thank you for your partnership, support and friendship.
Sam Bradbury
United Finance Company

AUL is a fantastic group of people to work with. They are easy to reach, quickly to respond and I have never encountered a single issue that has not been resolved to my complete satisfaction.
Todd Brister
Coastal Credit LLC

Now in my twelfth year in the service contract industry if I could change just one thing it would be to have spent all twelve years as an AUL agent. AUL's passion to be absolutely the best Service Contract Company is incredible as it clearly shines through their products, their philosophies, their staff and their compassion towards their Agents, Dealers, and Contract Holders.
Chad Weaver
Independent Agent

I am writing to say how much your company means to me, the great & excellent service that I have received from a breakdown of my 08 Saturn Outlook needs to be heralded to the USA, in these times of troubled warranties & services from different companies who take your money & do nothing, yours stand alone. Thank you for being a top notch company, and thank you for being there for the little man, who needs the backup you give. Everyone needs one of your contracts!
James B.
AUL Contract Holder

One of the best things I've done in my life was respond to an advertisement in the back pages of Automotive News in January of 1993. The CEO Luis Nieves is wonderful man who has built a company of committed dedicated employees and agents - It just doesn't get any better than this! Our Agency is solicited weekly by other VSC Administrators, it's very funny when they ask who our primary provider is and I respond, AUL! There is usually a long pause on the other end of the line, least to say it's a very brief call ended by Thanks for the call, but we're really happy with AUL!
Jim Bangert
Independent Agent

I have 30 plus years of experience in the car business. About half of this in retail as Finance or Sales manager and the most recent half as a Finance Rep and General Agent in 8 states. AUL is the finest service contract company I have ever worked with. The product line is as good as the industry gets and better coverage and longer coverage on higher mileage is simply the best in this industry. The service and communication is outstanding on every level from claims, customer experience, and dealership experience. If you are looking for a win-win, customer satisfaction and dealership satisfaction from a provider then you must take the time to look at AUL closer and you will be very glad that you did.
Innovative Dealer Services
Independent Agency

With AUL as a partner we never have to apologize to our customers. The service we receive from claims to sales is second to none.
Shelton Green
Independent Agent

I love working with AUL Service Contracts and their support staff. They are just nice people. We get paid on time with no hassles.
Polar Chevrolet

Vaden has been doing business with AUL for years. Their claims department and level of service to the dealer is second to none.
West Beaver
Vaden Automotive Group

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