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  1. Check for OEM Warranties: Many used vehicles today are being sold after a short lease term and still have plenty of life left in their original manufacturer’s warranty. And yes, OEM warranties do carry over to subsequent owners. You can save money and extend your coverage for months, sometimes even years by having your new F&I policies start at the conclusion of the OEM warranty. Also, be sure to review any OEM policy’s coverage to see what’s covered and for how long. This way, you can fill in any gaps there may be with a smaller policy.



  1. Get Informed: Be better prepared and expedite your vehicle buying process by doing your F&I research before you get to the dealer. Many dealers provide their F&I information online, allowing you to find and compare which policies are best for you and your vehicle. When you get to the dealer, just tell them what you want, and you will be pleased at how much quicker the entire process becomes.



  1. Look for Unlimited Mileage Options: When reviewing your F&I options, be sure to look for or ask if there are any products that include an unlimited mileage provision, especially those that cover technology features and systems. These are not typically subject to miles-driven wear and tear, so you’ll want to make you’re your policy covers these systems for the duration of term, regardless of how many or few miles are driven.



  1. Ask for Unlimited Term Options: For parts and systems subject to wear and tear, Unlimited Term policies can save you a lot of money and give you piece of mind knowing that your policy won’t run its course and expire as your vehicle sits in a driveway or garage. With an unlimited term policy, you’ll get the full worth and mileage out of the contract, i.e., if it’s a 25,000-mile policy, you’ll be covered until you’ve driven the full 25,000 miles – whether it takes you two years or ten.



  1. Final Review: Before signing on the dotted line, be sure to review your F&I policy coverages to ensure they align with your new vehicle. Today’s vehicles include many more features and amenities than in year’s past, including technologies such as lane assist, assistive braking, rear view cameras, etc. Be sure your F&I policies cover the systems found in your vehicle.